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Pupils get site safety lessons at Baker Estates’ Little Cotton Farm in Dartmouth

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Pupils get site safety lessons at Baker Estates’ Little Cotton Farm in Dartmouth



After a site visit to Baker Estates’ Little Cotton Farm, in Dartmouth, this week, foundation stage pupils at Stoke Fleming Primary school have been learning an important lesson about health and safety in construction, as well as the basics of housebuilding.

The visit also helped serve as a way of teaching children about how homes are built safely while opening their minds to a possible future in construction.


The visit was hosted by Baker Estates’ Glen Hilton, who talked about the different hazards on site as well as the process of building a new home. The children also learnt that maths, English and science play an important part in a site manager’s day-to-day role.


Glen Hilton, Site Manager at Little Cotton Farm, said: “The pupils were a pleasure to talk to and were very engaged and understood the importance of health and safety on a construction site. They also thoroughly enjoyed building little houses out of marshmallows which taught them about the process of building a home.


“No matter what their age, it’s important to encourage the next generation of carpenters, electricians, plumbers and brick layers by sharing our passion for the industry.”


Kelly Barraclough, the foundation stage teacher at Stoke Fleming Primary School, said: “Judging by the feedback, all the children really enjoyed their visit to Little Cotton Farm. Our thanks to the Baker Estates team at Little Cotton Farm for organising it.”


Baker Estates is currently building two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom homes at Little Cotton Farm in Dartmouth, including houses and apartments, starting from £259,995.


For more information on Baker Estates’ new homes at Little Cotton Farm, please contact 01803 302 515 or visit